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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dark Essence

Part I:
Chapter 1:


Nyx, the beautiful immortal goddess of the night is jealous and she asks herself why? She knows the answer is that all the other gods have children and she wants a child for her own. She searched in all the worlds for angels, gods and even humans to be her loved.
The man she wanted just needed one thing: to really want her heart. Nyx starts the search; days, weeks, months, years, centuries past without the sign of her perfect match, when she lost all hope the sadness hurted her heart and she started to cry.
One night when everyone knew her desire, the universe alienated their forces to unite her perfect match, he is tall, handsome, really strong, gorgeous green eyes, caramel-colored hair and has the most beautiful smile she has ever seen. Nyx never seen a creature so perfect like that before and she didn't know what he was either. He is the mixture of an ancient Celtic warrior with an English nobleman.
He came close to her and taking her hands in his, he said: ¨Briak is my name, why is my lady so sad?" In this moment the earth stops and both souls became one.
Both lovers are filled with joy, no one asks anything, no one explains, they just live and enjoy each other.
There are problems now, Nyx is pregnant, she thought he would be happy but instead he said:

¨It can´t be, please tell me your lying¨

¨I beg your pardon.¨ Nyx said.

¨You should know I am no human, no god, no demon; I am a fallen angel who needs human blood to survive.” Briak whispered.

Nyx doesn´t understand why a perfect creature is also a terrible monster? This must be her punishment for breaking the universe´s balance with her selfish wish; her soul is lost, her heart is broken and from that moment on the night would never be the same secure place.

Nyx is confused maybe this child is not a monster? She is the most beautiful goddess, the powerful ruler of the night, the loving mother for the mortals, what if the universe has forgiven her? That was what she thought in that instant. She wanted a perfect, beautiful child not a monster so evil who fed on blood. She had an idea:she would go to the mortal world, give the child to a wealthy and powerful family to raise until she would know the child would do no harm to her soul, if the child turned bad she would take it back permanently.

That little girl is me, my name is Isabelle Black Night, my father is a Dark Angel and my mother is the goddess of the night, Nyx. I’m a mixture of everything, the imbalance of the universe, the hybrid from hell and paradise, the beauty and the terrible monster, the human, the angel, the demon, the goddess, I am the first vampire.

When I was borned, my mother placed me in a basket and left me in the front steps of the house of a recently married young couple with no children. They accepted me into their family.

I grew up as a normal human child, my adoptive parents gave me everything I wanted like a mansion in Italy, diamond jewels, the biggest room in the house, the best carriage, expensive schools, designer´s newest clothes, vacation in wherever place I picked, a huge boat and an island for my birthday and much more since I was their only child.

Viviana Black Night, my mortal mother always cared about me, always knew what to say; she was the loving mother everyone wants, the instrument for my knowledge and development. I know she misses me because I miss her too, but as much as she wanted I couldn´t stay and be part of her life.

Xaver BlackNight, who is my mortal father, the president of the new social political and economic government in all Europe, he is like all wealthy fathers, a lot of money and no feelings, from him I only miss the long lasting trips in the expensive new boat, the carriage and everything else that included money.


Shadow of the dark said...

Hi, I'm back again!
Nice beginning! I like the story, Publish the next chapter!
See U soon


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