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1 / 18 words. 6% done! 1.Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare 2.Spirit Bound Richelle Mead 3.The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Stephenie Meyer 4.Forbidden Games: The Hunter, The Chase, The kill by L.J. Smith 5.Dark Flame Alyson Noel 6.Love Bites by Ellen Schreiber 7.The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong 8.Burned by P.C. and Kristin Cast 9.Radiant Shadow by Melissa Marr 10.The Queen's Daughter by Susan Coventry 11.Blue Bloods:Key to the Repository by Melissa De la Cruz 12.Torment by Lauren Kate 13.Fang by James Patterson 14.Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins 15.Misguided Angel by Melissa De la Cruz 16.Paranormalcy by Kiersten White 17.Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes



Sol de Medianoche -Falso

Esto es para decirles que el libro de Sol de Medianoche que han publicado en algunos blogs es un fanfic o sea no fue escrito por Stephenie Meyer. Para mas informacion vayan a .
Friday, September 3, 2010
Chapter 2:

“Can you move out of my way?” Wallace kept telling to the street man in front of him. The man pretended he did not hear him and Wallace became angrier by the second. “Yes, I´m talking to you.” Wallace said. The man looked behind him and stepped aside to let Wallace pass by. They exchanged a hateful look before turning away from each other.

Wallace was in his way to the supermarket, he went into his usual shortcut through an empty alley. When he entered, he heard a car´s engine coming near, he looked behind him, there´s a car coming in and he starts running toward the exit. Three men appear in the other side and Wallace stopped running.

“There´s nowhere to run.” One of the men blocking the exit said. That same man came running toward him trying to punch him and Wallace quickly moved to skip from the man´s approaching fist. Wallace had the opportunity to run until another man came running and pushed him down to the floor. The three men came to where Wallace laid on the floor and they tied his hands together. They pushed him inside the car and they had finally completed their mission by kidnapping him.

“Hold still!” The man holding Wallace inside the car said. The man signaled to the man beside him and he injected an anesthetic into Wallace´s arm. He yelled when the needle was penetrating through his skin and suddenly he felt tired and he was knocked out for the rest of the ride.

Wallace woke up in the middle of a white claustrophobic room; he stood up and tried to open the only white door in the room but the door was firmly locked. He looked around for another way out but there wasn´t anything, neither a hole nor another door. There was a white bed which he sat on, a closet full of white clothing equally as plain as the one he was wearing and a table in front of the bed.

Exactly two hours had passed when a lady opened the door and came inside the room with two body guards behind her. She had caramel colored skin, brown curly hair with fluorescent pink high lights and she was dressed in pink and black.
“So you´re the thi
ef I have spent a year looking for.” She told Wallace.

“You must be mistaken, I am no thief.” Wallace responded.

The lady showed him a folder containing papers of locations he has been seen around the world. There was Paris, Argentina, New Zealand and after he was seen he moved to Maryland in the United States of America. He had a small house on Marlborough, it has been a good experience for him to live there but people looked at him weirdly every day because he is a sixteen year old boy living alone and having to walk every day to his work. If someone put all the clues together they might find him suspicious but people think that he is just a nice boy who has family issues and has to live alone.

Wallace threw the papers to the other side of the room and the lady stared at him as if she wanted to hit him. She took a deep breath, she relaxed and said: “I don´t tolerate those of you who cannot follow my rules, you shall obey me or I´ll make you sleep on the ground with my beloved dogs.” She said closing her eyes and turning around.

As the body guards retreated with their boss, Wallace ran and caught her wrist with his arms. The body guards turned around and both of them took their guns out from their pockets pointing them at Wallace but they hesitated when Wallace wrapped his arms closely around the lady so that they could not fire their guns at him.

“What are you waiting for? Kill him!” The lady said.

“I´m sorry but we can´t, we might hurt you, too.” One of the body guards said.

Wallace started to move one hand, touching the lady´s pockets; he smiled and dug his hand on her pocket. He took out a long knife, he placed it to the base of her throat, and she swallowed hard thinking she might not get out of there alive. This boy is insane, what was he doing trying to kill her? The body guards were really worried now.

“Put your guns on the floor and no one gets hurt.” Wallace said. “Now!” He added placing the knife closer to the lady´s neck.

“Do what he says!” The lady yelled at them. They quickly put both guns on the floor and kicked them so that the boy could see them. The boy walked down the aisle with the lady wrapped in his arms, he walked until he was in front of the door that led to the outside of the prison. He kissed the lady´s forehead and said: “Thanks for helping me!” The lady took the chance to hit him with her knees on his stomach; he gagged and fell on the floor.

“You caused me enough trouble.” The lady said. “You´ll be here until you rout for all the sins you´ve committed.” She added but then the boy rose and with just one simple movement of his right arm, he stuck the knife into her stomach. The lady screamed and fell on the floor. The boy ran as fast as he could out of there but when he reached a high bridge, he could see the prison´s security team coming after him with huge dogs that pulled their owners through the ground. They screamed, they repeatedly called him and followed him across the bridge. When he reached the middle of it, he fell with his hands in front of him but he stood up and kept running. He crossed the bridge with the dogs almost on his heels; he climbed over the fence and ran toward the city.

The lights in the city where brilliant, compared to the yellowish lights on the prison. Wallace was walking with the crowd of people who were going to the bank across the street. He entered the bank but he walked out when he saw a huge man with a gun telling the clerks that he was just looking for somebody. Three blocks down something caught Wallace´s attention; it was a sign that said Welcome. He entered without hesitating and he went toward the check-in counter.

“Hello, I would like to rent a room.” Wallace said.

“I am very sorry we don´t have rooms available.” A fat man said behind a wooden desk.

A tall woman walked out of the elevator saying: “Morris, I need to talk to you, it´s very important.”“Oh, hello!” She told Wallace when she realized he was there. “And who´s this?” She asked.

“This boy wanted a room but sadly there are none available.” The fat man said.

“Really, if you´d like, you can stay at my room.” The woman said smiling.

There were a few minutes of silence while Wallace considered it before he said: “I can stay but only because you want me to.”

“Of course, I’ll want you to stay especially because you look to young to be alone.” The woman said. “I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Jane Gray, what´s your name?” The woman said leading Wallace up to her room.

“My name is Wallace Santos.” Wallace said. They walked out of the elevator, walked through a hall, Jane opened the door and Wallace entered first.

“Hi mom! Who´s he?” A tall blond girl asked, sitting on a gray couch watching television.

“This is Wallace, he´s going to stay with us. This is so great, we can go shopping, we can go to the spa or if you want we can go to the movies with him.” Jane said.

“Hi, I’m Jasmine, I’m her daughter.” The girl said rolling her eyes toward her mother.

“It is a pleasure meeting you.” Wallace said

“Thank you!” Jasmine said. She had a good look at Wallace when he looked away. His hair and eyes are the same brown color, his skin has a cream color, and he is also thin and tall. He caught her looking at him and he smiled.

Jane called: “Jasmine, would you bring Wallace here?”

Jasmine did as her mother wanted to, when she and Wallace where at the small room Jane explained that Wallace will be sleeping in the specific bed. After that, Jane left Wallace in the room so that he could sleep…


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