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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Chapter 3:

The Difference

Leo searched in his pocket for his keys, got them out and reached for the doorknob. We entered the house, it looked really big and white but there was no one there. We passed the kitchen and now we’re at the bottom of a staircase.

“Can you two wait here?” Leo said.

We stopped, Leo took the stairs, looked around and disappeared into a hall. Joseph led me to the kitchen where there was a long table made with crystals, he stopped to look at me.

“Would you like something to eat?” Joseph said.

“Are you hungry?” I asked not knowing what to answer him.

“Yes, what do you have?” I asked.

He looked around in the refrigerator.

“I can order pizza.” He said.

“With bacon, please.” I said smiling at him.

“Sure.” He answered getting his cell phone out, dialing a number and ordering the pizza. After he finished ordering it, he sat on the table and motioned me to sit with him. I did as he said and sat at the expensive table beside him, he moved his seat so that our seats were facing each other.

Suddenly, a girl with long brown hair came down of the stairs and stopped in front of us.

“I heard you messed up.” She said looking at Joseph. She looked at me and said: “You must be the human. Hello, I’m Joseph’s cousin, Dismay.”

Leo came down the stairs with a blond woman; he came to the kitchen interrupting us.

“April this is my wife, Lenah.” He gestured at the blond woman beside him, she smiled. “And that’s my daughter, Dismay. You would be staying with her.” He said.

“It’s so nice meeting you, make yourself at home.” Lena said still smiling. How could I make myself at home when I'm being forced to stay?

“Thanks.” I said politely.

Lenah and Leo disappointed into the living room, sat on the couch and started talking. The door bell rang and Joseph stood up to get the door. When he came back he had two boxes on the table.

“Do you want some?” He asked Dismay.

“No, thank you. Please show her to my room when you’re finished.” She said leaving the kitchen and taking the stairs.

Joseph searched in the closet and came out with two plastic plates, cups and cokes. He sat down, purred the soda on the cups and gave one to me. I ate most of the time looking at him, he didn’t notice. Joseph ate thirteen slices of pizzas and I ate three, I was totally full. It must be the whole ‘he is a werewolf thing’ that makes him that hungry or maybe it’s because he is a guy, I don’t know which one. We finished eating and cleaning our spot in the long expensive table, he led me to the staircase and we climbed them to disappear into a long hall. We kept walking in the hall passing some doors until we were in front of a wooden door that had a sign that said: KEEP OUT and another red sign below the other that said: BEWARE THE DOG.

“This is my room. You don’t mind if I stop here for just a minute don’t you?”

“No, of course not.” I am curious. I want to see how a werewolf’s room is. Does it look like any other guy’s room or is it somehow different?

We entered his room I was surprised I clearly didn’t imagine it like this. The Tiles on the floor were a crystal blue color and the walls painted white with some posters of music bands I didn’t recognize on them but some of the posters were destroyed leaving pieces behind and claw marks on the walls behind them. The bed in the middle of the room was bigger than a king sized bed with red covers and bunches of soft and comfortable looking pillows. It was the only thing in the room that I can say that looked normal. On the right side of the room there was a closet with double doors made out of crystals making one big mirror that can be opened through the middle but some of the pieces of the mirror were missing. On the left side of the room there was the door in which he disappeared through after glancing at me. I started to look around in the room searching for something else out of place and I was amazed of what I found; there were two photos of two unfamiliar boys that look somehow similar. The photos were clipped on the left wall with small knifes through them. Then Joseph came out of the door, I looked at him very seriously and he asked me:

“What’s wrong now?

“What are these doing here they’re really creepy?” I had to ask.

“Oh. Those are my brothers.” He said now understanding why I made such a face.

“Okay, but why do they have knifes on them?”

“Because I hate them!!” He said in a low voice.

“Why do you hate them?”

“They ruined my life!” He said ashamed. He came close to me looking straight into my eyes. “Let’s go on.” His voice clearly saying he would not tell me anything more about this.

He left from his room in a hurry going straight into the hall; I left after him closing the door of his room behind. It was difficult for me to keep up with him as he walked fast through the long hall, stopping at a door. He knocked on the door and Dismay came out of it wearing blue pajamas with her brown hair weaving down on her back. Joseph took a step back to let me enter Dismay’s room after that he quickly looked around and disappeared into the hall leaving me with his cousin. Dismay’s room looks nothing like Joseph’s; her room is painted a light violet color with white tiles, a door on the right side and two twin sized beds each at a different side of the room. One of the beds is beside a window that shows the outside, this bed has baby blue colored covers with light pink colored pillows and the other bed is beside the left wall which has light pink colored covers with baby blue colored pillows.

“I had to put that bed for you.” She said pointing at the bed that was next to the window. “I hope you like it. It’s exactly like mine, together they look so cute.”

“Yeah, thanks.” I said gratefully. Even if I was being forced to stay, at least I wasn't going to sleep in the floor.

“Go ahead, sit.” She skipped in front of me toward the bed that would be mine. Apparently she is excited to have me here. I sat down on the bed and Dismay sat down on her bed which is only footsteps away from mine.

“This room looks nothing like Joseph’s room.” I said speaking my thoughts out loud.

“You went there?” Dismay asked a little unsure.

“Yes, he stopped there.” Now, I have all her attention.

“That place is so creepy except for the bathroom. Did you see the Jacuzzi he has in there?”

“No.” I said. I wish I could have seen that because that is so cool. “Have you ever notice the photos with the knifes.” I had to ask since Joseph wouldn’t tell me.

“You mean the photos of his brothers? Yeah, he doesn’t like anyone except for my parents and me.” She said.

“Why doesn’t he like them?” I asked.

“Since he transformed, his parents stopped loving him, they think that Joseph can use his advantages to kill one of them so they didn’t want him to live with them and my dad took him to this the house to live with us. His parents live in the other part of this house. His parents give his brothers whatever they want and his brothers turned their backs on him when he needed them most. His younger brother started a fake rumor in their school and now nobody likes Joseph there. Oh and listen to this. After all that, one day he came from school and saw his girlfriend kissing with his older brother. Joseph started yelling at both of them, he was so mad that I thought he might have killed them both but sadly he didn’t and now he has turned kind of crazy.” She said.

“Poor Joseph, I feel sorry for him.” I said. Of course, he has issues with everyone because his parents fear him, his brothers betrayed him and the only family he has which is Leo, Lena and Dismay think he is crazy. Actually, he is going crazy with all his problems. “Why are you telling me this if you barely know me?” That is a really good question because she is telling me all this stuff about her family’s problems and I must be a stranger to her.

“I just wanted to tell you. I don’t have normal friends that know my family’s secret which make it exciting to talk to you because I don’t have to lie to you.” She said honestly. “And this would probably be the last time I’ll talk to you ´cause tomorrow they will make you forget about us.”

I haven’t thought about that. I don’t want to forget about everything that’s happened today. What if I forget about my visions and later I have one but I would start again wondering about those visions. “If I tell you about something weird that happened to me, would you stop wanting me here?”

“It can’t be worse than the fact that I can shape shift into a raven, believe me.” She said smiling.

Dismay can shape shift into a raven? That isn’t that bad at all I would imagine flying everywhere I want and not be worrying about certain things. “A few days ago I was in a park and I had a vision of a girl being killed at the same park I was. I freaked out and started running toward the place the girl was killed. Then the vision was about to come true but I stopped the girl from dying." I might as well tell her as long as she will be my friend.

“Oh my! You have visions? That means you’re a psychic.” She sat there thinking while I watched her. “Do you want to take a shower while I think about some important things?” She said minutes later.

“Yeah.” I said standing up and going to the door that must be the bathroom. Dismay followed me but when I got to the door, she passed in front of me to show me the bathroom. Once in there, she opened a door to find a closet full of her clothes, she started looking and she handed me some pink pajamas with kittens.


Shadow of the dark said...

Hello again!
Poor Joseph, I wouldn't like to have the same parents and brothers of him; they're assholes to leave his child alone. I like what Dismay can do.
Nice chapter, I have published a new part of my story, pass around my blog if you want!! :)

Angy said...

i felt so sorry for joseph,,i know he had to be so sad..i know that i felt so sad for him..this chapter got right down to my heart...i was actually wanting to shed a tear,,but i was valente!! jejee...great job and keep up the great work...i loved it!!!! i am waiting for the next chapters to see what happens....

I. Marie said...


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