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Friday, July 16, 2010
Hola!!! Entre al concurso:

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En donde tenia que escribir un fanfic de Eclipse desde donde llegan los neofitos. Era la competencia entre Team Edward vs. Team Jacob vs. Team Bree. Mi prima Tatiana Marie lo escribio y yo le ayude y lo traduci al espa~ol ya que ella lo escribio en ingles y el concurso es en espa~ol. Y ganamos!!!!!!Nosotras ambas somos del Team Jacob. Estamos tan contentas... Lo estoy publicando aqui para que lo lean en ingles y en espa~ol. Perdonenme por los errores. Aqui esta:


Lumina Uley

I was running through the woods, fast. I could smell her, she was near but she wasn’t alone. I could feel the wind against my white fur. I could hear the others in my head, I could see the fight from their perspectives it looked like they were having fun I could feel it myself the rush ,the excitement. I was anxious to meet them as they were anxious to meet me, there was a lot of questions in their heads: who are you? where did you come from? Why are you here?, all of those questions I would have to answer them later because I came here for a reason and that was killing Victoria. Thanks to Seth I could see what was happening, he relaxed as soon as he realized I came here to help them, he was nervous but also determined to kill Riley, Victoria’s rat who would do anything she would command him to do. But Riley didn’t know that Victoria was using him as a distraction so she could kill Bella. Then I got close to where they were, I was silent, Edward told me to hide until he would give me a signal to attack Victoria. I waited, Edward was trying to convince Riley to betray Victoria because she would soon betray him, at first I thought Riley was actually going to surrender but then she spoke.

“He’s the liar, Riley.” she said.

That’s when I knew no matter what Edward had said to him, it wouldn’t matter.

“ I told you about their mind tricks. You know I only love you”

and I was right, he chose Victoria, that’s when Edward gave the signal to Seth and me. Seth jumped out with such fierceness and determination, he chomped out some of Riley’s flesh. That’s when I got to my fighting mood I was ready to take her down. I got out of the trees, Edward’s face was relaxed but Bella’s eyes widened with surprise and a little of fear. Victoria turned, and her eyes widened too, but hers showed only fear she knew who I was, what I was capable of and most important why I came here. I was so distracted looking at her when I heard a bone crashing sound and Seth was down I wanted to help him.

“ No don’t worry about me I am fine I can deal with him he’s not that tough, you deal with the redhead.” he said with such determination.

I smiled at him mentally and told him he was brave, then I went back to Victoria who was in a fight with Edward. But suddenly she was distracted, I didn’t know why but I didn’t waste the opportunity I found an opening and took it. I grabbed her head and I tore it off her body. We made a fire to burn the pieces but then something happened. Apparently Leah, the only girl in the pack… since today, found a newborn and tried to fight it alone but then Jacob jumped in front of her to protect her but not fast enough to protect himself when the vampire struck I felt a pain I never felt in my immortal life, a pain so great I let a howl of pain pass through my mouth then I knew it was because I was concerned with Jacob and that I feared for his life. How could I feel like this with someone I have never met? Seth let a howl of cry too but not like me; Edward was concerned but then something else came up, apparently some old “friends” of mine were going to visit, it was only a matter of time they would show up but I didn’t know they were coming now. Edward knew that to. He told Seth to go home. He told me to go too but I told him no that I would go with him. I went to the woods to change back I put on a white short dress, my short black hair was flowing with the wind. I went back to Edward and Bella.

“Now I can see the real you. Thank you for your help.” Edward said suddenly.

“It was nothing I was trying to do the right thing I always am, I can see that you are confused, Bella, but we will have to tell you later because we have visitors.”

She looked at Edward still confused “I’ll tell you later we have to go now.”

We left running to the clearing, Bella was asking Edward what was happening? who was coming? Who is she? Aren’t they going to know she’s a wolf? Who got hurt?

“Well” began Edward “Alice finally saw the Volturi’s decision and they are coming now that’s why I told Seth to go home, Alice told the others as well, As who is she, her name is Lumina, Lumina Uley and yes I know that’s Sam’s last name. Bella, Lumina is a descendent of Sam’s family but she is more than that, she is Sam’s great,great,great aunt…”.

“so that means….” Bella said interrupting Edward.

“…Yes, she is immortal”.

“How?” Bella said.

“She is a wolf like Jacob and the others but she is different she has something else”.

“What is it?” Bella asked with curiosity and I was so stunned of how much he knew by only looking into my mind nobody else knew that about me, the pack only knew some things but I blocked the things I wanted to explain them because I was different, I was one of a kind, unique.

“Well she is part vampire, she’s half wolf, half vampire, about how they aren’t going to know that she is a wolf is that because she is part vampire her scent would be of a vampire’s not a wolf but that is only to the vampires, to the pack she would have the scent of a wolf not a vampire”. Edward explained that so well I was surprise, but I was so much stunned that he didn’t judge me or he wasn’t scared of me.

“Don’t worry each of us are frightening but I wouldn’t judge you because you were different because I know how that feels” Edward said in my head.

“Thank you” I whispered.

“Wait, you didn’t answer one question… Edward, who got hurt?” Bella said.

Edward hesitated. “Well it was an accident but someone did got hurt”. “The battle was over, but Leah found a newborn hidden in the bushes, instead of looking for help from the pack, she went for it by herself, but then Jacob came fast and took Leah out of the way but, he wasn’t fast enough to protect himself.” Edward said with a pained expression.

“No.” Bella said in a whisper. “Is he going to be okay?”

“Yes, Paul and Sam got there just in time but the newborn broke his right leg and right arm”

Then Bella fainted. We got to the clearing, Edward was concerned about Bella, because she hasn’t woken up yet.

“Everyone this is Lumina she helped us kill Victoria, she’s a wolf.” Edward said quite fast. I started looking at them, everyone greeted like I was part of the family.

“I understand that you want to stay and I know they won’t notice what you are but still your eyes give you away.” Carlisle said. I hate to say it but he was right my eyes did gave me away, but they didn’t give me away because I wasn’t a vampire but it gave away everything I was, everyone that looked at my violet eyes instantly feared me only because I was different.

“ You could stay but I don’t want anything more to happen to anyone.” Carlisle said with a lot of sincerity.

“Okay don’t worry I understand.” I said.

“Maybe you could do me a big favor.”

“Yes no problem whatever I can do to help.”

“Could you go to Jacob Black and give him some of this morphine because when he left I gave him some but it didn’t affect him much”

“Ummmm yeah I can go no problem” I said but there was a problem I didn’t know what would happen if I see him again, I was nervous but I was curious too, at the end curiosity won. When I started to leave I noticed something that I had missed before, a little girl when I looked into her red eyes I knew suddenly what she was. How could anyone do something this cruel?. I went to her, she backed away a little, frightened.

“Don’t worry I wont hurt you I just want to talk” I said kindly. “ what’s your name?’’

“ I’m Bree Tanner” she said almost in a whisper with fear.

“ Whatever you did its all forgotten nobody is going to hurt you now okay?” I said looking for some reassurance.

“Thank you and I’m sorry I didn’t mean any of this” she said shaking.

“ I know, Bree, any of this is your fault you were just tricked like everyone else.” I said hugging her. She only nodded.

“You have to hide her, the Volturi won’t let her live, they won’t are if she surrendered and that she was tricked bye Victoria, believe me I had to deal with them already in the past.’’

“Carlisle, she’s right if we are going to give her a second chance we have to hide her or they are going to kill her, I can see it.” said Alice.

“Okay, but where do we hide her, we cant leave her alone” said Carlisle thinking of options.

“ I can take her with me to Jacob’s house, that way they can’t trace her scent” I said to Carlisle.

“No, that’s too dangerous you don’t know what would happen and we don’t know if she’ll betray and then kill you”

“ No! I won’t do that to her she’s been good to me you all were I promise I will behave but please help me” said Bree shaking.

“ Okay, you can take her but still be careful” said Carlisle.

“Yes I’ll be careful”

I was on my way to Jacob’s house, I was so nervous, my heart was pounding loudly. Finally I got to his house, I didn’t know why but I was shaking. When I got to the door I hesitated a little but finally knocked. Seth answered the door.

“ Hi!!!!!! Good thing you are here, they all want to know who you are.” Seth said cheerfully but then when he looked at Bree he crouched ready to attack her.

“Don’t worry Seth she’s here because she wants to change she doesn’t want to kill anyone I brought her because of the Volturi because they would’ve killed her if she stayed and we wanted to give her a second chance”

“ Okay but she has to stay outside and I’ll be guarding her so that she stays out of trouble”

“Thank you Seth”

“Wait don’t leave me here they’ll kill me like they did to the others” said Bree stopping me.

“Don’t worry these are my friends they won’t hurt I’ll never allow that you are safe here trust me” I said reassuring her caressing her cheek.

“Okay I trust you be fast please I don’t wanna be alone”

“It’s okay Carlisle will be here soon.” “please Seth protect her if the others ask tell them that any of them are allowed to touch her and if they don’t like then tell them to stay away from her.”

“Okay, Lumina” said Seth with real honesty.

I went inside everybody was in the living room, I could hear Jacob screaming, cussing. That’s when the feeling I had when he got hurt returned again, I rushed into his room, his dad and Sam were with him by his side.
“Hi Carlisle told me to give this to Jacob to relieve the pain.” I said always watching Jacob.
“Yeah thank you very much he’s been in pain since he arrived” said Billy. “And you are?” asked Billy very curious.

“Oh sorry I’m Lumina.”

“Again thank you Lumina for bringing this to my son.”

“No problem.” I got beside Jacob and gave him the morphine, he relaxed and got his breathing got normal. I sat beside him, watching him closely, Billy and Sam got outside to talk leaving me alone with Jacob. What was this feeling so strong?! How could this happen?! Well I know how but why?!. And I wanted to found out if he had the same feelings for me but, that would have to wait because right know he was in pain. I stayed with him always realizing how strong I felt toward Jacob it was something so unbearable, and I was still curious about Jacob’s feelings and most important what would be his reaction toward me and the situation. Finally Carlisle arrived, I backed away but never leaving Jacob’s side. Carlisle was examining him but sometimes he would take a look at me and how I sat beside Jacob holding his hand .
“ It looks like you have strong feelings for him.” Carlisle said it like it was a statement, which it was.

“ It’s so obvious isn’t it? I don’t know but I think I just imprinted with him but I want to be sure.”

“ Well my opinion is that I haven’t seen a imprint occur but, right know my opinion is that you have strong feelings for him and it’s stronger than love that is what I can tell you.” Carlisle said with so much honesty in his voice.

“Yeah that’s how I feel but I know he loves Bella so I don’t know if he feels the same way about me.” I said looking at Jacob

“ I know and I hope everything works out for you”

“Thank you”

“ I was hoping since you don’t have any place to stay if you would stay with us in our house, we have room for you and we would be honored if you joined us”

“ Yes thank you, I was planning to stay with Sam since he’s part of my family but still he doesn’t know that and I don’t want to intrude in his and Emily’s privacy”

“ And when are you planning to tell them?”

“ When I have the chance.”

“ Okay, could you go outside I have to break his bones because they healed wrong and is not going to be pretty”

“ I think you’re right I wish I could stay but I don’t know if I can handle it, I’ll be outside the door if you need my help call me” I went outside waiting, I was anxious all I could hear was Jacob screaming a lot and cussing… a lot. Finally the screaming stopped and Carlisle got out of Jacob’s room.

“He’s going to be okay now you can go and see him now, I’m going to speak with the others.”

“Thank you, oh and take Bree with you she was nervous when we got here .”

“Yes, thank you for helping me with her I really appreciated” with that he left.

I went inside to Jacob‘s room, he was awake now looking at the ceiling, he had a cast and he was covered in sweat.

“Hi.’’ I said.

“ Hi” he said confused. “ So you’ve been here all the time?’’

“Yes I just wanted to see if you were okay.” I said shyly.

“I need to talk to you since you are already awake”

“Okay, shoot” he said and I thought it was cute the way he said it.

“Well first of all you are wondering who am I”

“Yeah everybody is crazy to know who you are”

“Well I’m going to tell you the story but don’t freak out”

“I won’t I’m use to all the craziness” he said calmly.

“Well this is different, I am different.”

“Everyone is different look at us we are not exactly normal you know.”

“I know, anyways let me tell you my story, I’ll begin with my name…”

“I already know your name why is important?” Jacob said interrupting me.

“Well if you shut up and listen you could know.” I said looking at him.

“Sorry you may continue.” I said almost smiling.

“ Well my full name is Lumina Uley…”

“Wait that means that…” Jacob said interrupting me…again but stopped when he looked my face. “ Sorry”

“ Well as you already realized I’m part of Sam’s family well to be more precise I’m Sam’s great, great, great aunt, which means that have lived for centuries. Jacob I’m different than you well part of me is I’m a wolf but I’m also part vampire. The only traits I have of my vampire part is that as you already know I’m immortal and that when I’m in my human form I’m faster and stronger. The other difference I have is that when I’m with a vampire my scent is going to be of a vampire’s and when I’m with a wolf my scent is gonna be of a wolf’s scent. I think that’s all, if you have some questions you can ask me.” I said finishing.

“Wow that is different. I do have a question why did you came back to get revenge on Victoria?”

“ Well I came back because I missed my tribe and wanted to see if anything changed and I wanted to stay. And about Victoria well is another story.” I said looking at the floor remembering.

“ Tell me.” he said curious

“ Well I did forgot to tell you something when I left it was because I wasn’t aging and nobody knew about me so I left I began to travel the world studying different things all over the world. So when I came back here I stayed with a family of humans because they rented me a room, so one day when I came from shopping I found the family all dead and I tracked the scent because it was fresh when I found her she was talking to a new born and she was telling him some of the plans she had about the new born army, I knew something big was going to happen so when I heard the name Forks I started spying on her waiting for the perfect moment so the rest you know.”

“That is an interesting story I never thought that someone like you was possible.” said Jacob

“I know now I have to tell you why I’m here.” I said nervous.

“But you already told me why you came back.”

“No I meant here in your house telling you my story” I said still nervous. “ Well when you were hurt back in the battle something happened.” I stopped uncertain if I should say it.

“Tell me, what happened?’’ Jacob said and I thought he knew by the way he said it.

“Well when the accident happened I felt… well I felt pain but a different kind of pain it was the pain you feel when you loose someone.’’ I said

“I know that kind of pain believe me but what exactly are you trying to say.”

“Well I’m not sure but… I think I imprinted on you but I’m not sure that’s one of the reasons I stayed first because I wanted to tell you and second because there was a force pulling me to you telling me to stay.” I stopped not knowing how he felt about all of this. “So has something happened to you? You know about the imprint part?” I said scared about what he was going to say.

“ Well about the Imprint yes is there both ways but…I still love Bella but now I feel strong emotions about you” he said in a kind way trying no to be hard at me. But it was like I was punched in the face but at the same time I understood what he was saying.

“Don’t worry I understand if you want I’ll give you time for you to think about your emotions and feelings toward Bella and me. I’ll be out of your way if you want so it could be easier.” I said trying to sound indifferent.

“No that’s okay, but I do need time thank you for understanding.” he said

“Well I have to go I have to get my things I’m going to stay with the Cullens so bye and get better.” I said almost at the door when he called my name so I turned to see what he wanted to say.

“I just wanted to say thanks for everything for the morphine and for staying with me” he said grateful.

“Your welcome” I said and then left. When I got outside everyone were still there then I saw a old truck arriving, it was Bella.

“ Hi everyone I’m here to see Jacob is he okay?’’
“Yeah I just got out of the room he’s awake you can go talk to him” I said
“Okay thanks Lumina.” Then I just started running through the woods I changed into my wolf form so run wild and fast so I could feel the wind on my fur. I ran so fast not thinking where I was going I didn’t care I was thinking about one thing only… Jacob.


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Bueno espero q les guste y por favor dejen comments si quieren q siga la historia de Lumina. T.marie

Shadow of the dark said...

Nice chapter :) It's not strange that this story won. It's fabulous!
See U!

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